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What You Need To Know About Dental Contouring

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Our dentist is able to change the shape of your teeth with a dental contouring procedure. You can learn more about this service by reading the information below or by calling our office at 770-386-3908.

Changes Dental Contouring Can Make

  • Balance a bite
  • Shorten long teeth
  • Smooth out chipped or pointed teeth
  • Straighten slightly crooked or crowded teeth
  • Reshape misshapen teeth

Benefits Of Dental Contouring

  • Inexpensive
  • Comfortable (usually doesn’t require a local anesthetic)
  • Quick (on average, the appointment time is 30 minutes)
  • Non-invasive

The Process Of Dental Contouring

  • We will take X-rays to make sure that you have enough tooth enamel for this procedure.
  • You and our dentist will discuss the changes you want made. Dr. Paul Eberhard will draw out these areas with a marker.
  • Using a drill or laser, our dentist will remove tooth enamel.
  • We will smooth and polish your teeth.

Other Information About Dental Contouring

  • Dental contouring is also known as tooth reshaping or cosmetic tooth contouring.
  • This procedure is often done in conjunction with dental bonding.
  • Though your teeth may feel sensitive after this procedure, it should only be a temporary sensation.
  • Though it is more of a cosmetic procedure, dental contouring can help to treat dental problems like bruxism, TMJ disorder, and an uneven bite.