An oral cancer screening is an important part of your regular dental checkups. The American Dental Association recommends that all adults receive an oral cancer screening during regular checkups with the dentist, and Dr. Eberhard and Dr. Shoukoohi are pleased to provide these exams to ensure that you stay in good health. During your oral exam, our dentists will check for anything abnormal on the inside of your mouth, such as unusual lumps, mouth sores, or reddish or whitish patches. This exam is quick and painless, and it is performed with gloved hands and a quick visual assessment.

VELscope® Oral Cancer Screening

We are pleased to use the VELscope device to screen for oral cancer in Cartersville, Georgia. During a simple two-minute, noninvasive exam, the VELscope screening device uses a special blue light to enhance the visual contrast of normal and abnormal tissues inside the mouth. This system involves no dyes, rinses, or discomfort, and it helps our team improve our evaluation of your risk for oral cancer. This is important because early detection of oral cancer greatly improves the chances for a successful treatment outcome.

To learn more about our oral cancer screenings, please contact us today at Mockingbird Dental Associates.