Our caring dentists, Dr. Eberhard and Dr. Shoukoohi, do their best to give you the healthiest and most successful oral cavity possible, but sometimes gum disease and periodontal disease develop, and we are here to help you with periodontal care.

Gingivitis in Cartersville, Georgia, is a health condition that advances into periodontal disease if it is left untreated. These diseases occur when you fail to attend your regular dental checkups and the plaque that lives on the surfaces of your teeth continue to reside there and grow. At this point, you will have constant bad breath and the plaque will begin to irritate your gums, making them bleed every time you eat and brush your teeth. If the disease is still left untreated, the plaque will irritate your gums enough to make them shift and move away from your teeth, which makes your teeth look much longer than natural. Then, the plaque will send toxins into the pockets of your mouth and underlying bone. Eventually, the toxins will deteriorate your underlying bone, which will result in loose and lost teeth.

To prevent these diseases, you will need to keep up with your six-month checkups. If you are indeed suffering from these health conditions, our team at Mockingbird Dental Associates is happy to provide a scaling and root planing technique, which is the process of deeply cleaning your teeth and gums while you are under a local anesthetic. We will also insert medication into the pockets of your gums and prescribe a medicated mouth rinse to promote healing.

Call our office now to begin the process of preventing these inconvenient and painful diseases!