We are pleased to use digital X-rays at our office to capture images of the teeth, jaws and soft tissues in the mouth. Dental X-rays are very helpful because they aid our dentists in detecting cavities, bone loss and hidden wisdom teeth that could not be seen with a visual examination alone. There are many benefits to using modern, digital X-ray machines as opposed to outdated X-ray equipment.

Benefits of Digital X-Rays
Thanks to the digital X-ray sensor, digital X-ray images are now available on a computer screen almost instantaneously. This allows Drs. Paul Eberhard and Masoud Shoukoohi to review the images without waiting for them to be developed. Our team can easily save the digital X-rays to the computer for record-keeping, which eliminates the need to develop and store film negatives in a paper file. In addition to being faster, digital radiography in Cartersville, Georgia, also provides a more convenient way for our team to discuss your dental needs with you as you view the images together on a nearby computer screen.

Panoramic X-Rays
In the dental field, it has become very important to use different types of X-rays to provide the most accurate, efficient diagnosis possible. We are pleased to utilize panoramic X-rays at Mockingbird Dental Associates, which help our dentists make diagnoses and plan the proper treatment. Panoramic X-rays provide a flat image that shows the entire upper and lower jaws, from ear to ear. This provides us with a wealth of information, such as periodontal bone loss, the position of the wisdom teeth in relation to the jawbones, finding the source of oral pain and much more.

Benefits of Panoramic X-Rays
In X-ray technology, digital radiography is the latest, most advanced technology available. Because our panoramic X-rays are digital, they do away with the need for traditional X-ray film and instead use a series of digital sensors. This reduces the environmental impact that comes with traditional film disposal, and it also significantly decreases the patient’s exposure to X-ray radiation.

To learn more about digital radiography and panoramic X-rays, we welcome you to contact our office at 770-386-3908.