Drs. Paul Eberhard and Masoud Shoukoohi offer dental implants in Cartersville, Georgia, to replace your missing teeth with a permanent, everlasting product.

A dental implant replaces your tooth and its root and gives you the strong foundation you need for good oral health. It is a very durable and convenient option that makes eating, talking, smiling and drinking much easier. It also improves many characteristics of yourself and your smile, including your appearance, speech, comfort, oral health and self-esteem.

While implants are very beneficial and convenient, they also require some time to be placed. The process will first involve your dentist placing a titanium post into the bone socket of your missing tooth. The bone will then need to heal around the post to secure it into place, which could take anywhere from six to twelve weeks. When the bone has healed, your dentist will attach a connecting post, which will eventually hold the replacement tooth. Then, impressions of your tooth will be made and sent to the lab where your new tooth will be created. When the product is sent back, our dentists will place it onto the posts to give you your new-and-improved smile.

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