Our permanent teeth are supposed to be our lifetime partners, but sometimes tooth extraction is necessary.

Tooth extraction in Cartersville, Georgia, is generally needed when:

  • You have a crowded mouth
  • You suffer from infection
  • You have a high risk of infection
  • You are a victim of periodontal disease
  • You have a severely decayed tooth

At Mockingbird Dental Associates, we do our best to make the treatment as easy and as painless as possible with local anesthetics and dental sedation. While you are here, Drs. Paul Eberhard and Masoud Shoukoohi will take good care of you and make sure you have a pleasant and relaxing experience. After your treatment, your dentist strongly recommends resting for the next 24 hours or however long you feel is necessary. Please take the medication we prescribe to you and rotate through a cycle of icing the affected area. We also ask that you do not use a straw or eat hard, sticky foods. If you eat soft foods, such as yogurt or ice cream, you will feel less pain, and your gums will heal more quickly.

For more information about a tooth extraction and the process involved with it, call our office today at 770-386-3908 and talk to our dentists or a member of our team. We are happy to educate you on our dental treatments!