Our team at Mockingbird Dental Associates is thrilled to offer general and family dentistry in Cartersville, Georgia, to help you and your family members have the strong and reliable oral health you deserve. The services we offer to do so include:

With these services, we are able to prevent dental problems, deeply clean your teeth, restore the health of your tooth, eliminate gum disease and periodontal disease, and replace your missing teeth. We offer these services to give you a healthy and dependable oral cavity that will improve your everyday life and give you the comfort and confidence you need. In order to maintain this state of health, we also need your help. Dr. Eberhard and Dr. Shoukoohi strongly recommend attending dental exams and cleanings every six months and participating in a dental hygiene routine every day.

When you come into our office for a dental exam and cleaning, your dentist will deeply and thoroughly clean your teeth and closely examine your entire oral cavity. When he performs the examination he will use digital x-rays and small dental tools. This evaluation is a great way of identifying any dental problems and treating them right away.

Your daily oral hygiene routine should involve brushing your teeth every morning and every night, flossing your teeth at least once a day, and using a fluoride mouth rinse daily. If you do these things, your oral cavity will be cleaned each day and major dental issues will likely be prevented.

To schedule your first appointment with us, call our office now and talk to a member of our team!