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How to Successfully Whiten Your Smile as a Teen

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If you’re a teen who wants a brilliant, shiny smile, our Mockingbird Dental Associates team has the tips for you! There are many whitening treatments available in the world today that can give you the results you are looking for. However, there are also treatments that can harm your smile and hurt your gums, which is why it’s very important to get whitening advice from your dental team. To help you, we recommend the following treatments:

Over-the-counter whitening
Whitening trays, whitening gels, whitening toothpastes, and whitening kits are all great options for your smile. However, you need to make sure to purchase the right one. So, to know which product is the best for your teeth and gums, please talk to your dentist.

In-office whitening
There are generally two options available when it comes to in-office whitening. Those two options are customized whitening trays and in-office whitening. Customized whitening trays are whitening treatments that can be used at home. Your dentist will make the trays for you and will give you the whitening solution as well as the instructions you need to succeed. The in-office whitening treatment involves your dentist placing a whitening solution onto your teeth and activating it with a special light. You will go through three rounds of this process, which should take about 45 minutes.

If you have questions about whitening and the best treatment to use for your smile, please call 770-386-3908 and talk to our caring team or schedule an appointment with Dr. Paul Eberhard. We are here to help you in any way we can, and we look forward to your call!